• Marine Energy

    For Marine Application

    OZOP Energy Solution’s high current battery chargers and systems are at work today in a variety of industrial, commercial, and military applications. Each unit is based on standard designs and custom engineered to meet your specific application.

    • High Current

      OZOP Energy Solutions offers rugged high current submarine battery chargers to meet all of your high-current industrial charging applications from 25 to 2000A and up to 1000V.

    • Custom Built

      OZOP Energy Solution’s high current battery chargers are built to customer order from a range of standard power and control modules, and offer high performance, high reliability and sophisticated control systems.

    • PCTI Submarine Battery Chargers / Discharger Solutions

      Our standard battery charger includes a battery eliminator, float and equalize adjustments, manual equalize timer, automatic shutdown and restart under a variety of fault conditions, low ripple, and paralleling capability.

  • Micro-Grid Solutions

    Why Micro-grid Solutions?

    Traditional grid infrastructure is crumbling. Keeping your operations running when the electrical grid fails is smart business. Microgrids hold the key to reduced energy costs, business resilience, and sustainability.

    • Take Control

      By adding a microgrid to your energy system, you get the sophisticated control you need to use your renewable sources of power when and how it benefits you most. Whether that’s using it to keep the lights on during outages or, leveraging it as a revenue stream or cost avoidance strategy.

    • Keep What's Yours

      Facilities often lack the technology and infrastructure to consume the renewables they produce. Because of that, and often because renewables are grid-tied, if the grid goes down – the benefit of renewable power is gone as well.

    • Learn More

      Contact us to explore innovative technologies that increase your business resilience against natural disasters and lost revenues due to downtime while supporting your sustainability goals.

    A grid of solar panels during a sunset.
  • EV Energy Storage

    EV Energy Storage

    Innovation in the automotive industry has led to the emergence and the growth of electric vehicles. These vehicles are quieter, they’re more efficient, and they can save you money; becoming a valuable investment for many businesses.

    • Driving Success

      The initial cost of electric vehicles is falling, and without key components of gasoline-powered vehicles (spark plugs, motor oil, etc.), the maintenance fees are lower as well. Choosing electric vehicles could save you thousands of dollars per vehicle in the long-run.

    • Energy Storage

      Charging stations are the bottleneck that slow consumer purchases of electric vehicles, however, businesses may invest in their own commercial charging stations, eliminating the need to continuously pay for fuel (which is more expensive than electricity).

    • Power Your Business

      OZOP Energy Solution’s high current battery chargers can power the charging stations for entire fleets of electric vehicles and can support your business operations as well. Contact us today to request a quote, and we will customize our battery chargers for your application.

    A worker with gloves observing a circuit board in a shop.