Our Founders

Our Founders: Cathy Chis

Cathy Chis

Cathy began her exposure to power electronics by helping her father’s power electronic startup when she was just 8. She and her sisters assembled printed circuit boards on the dining room table, and later had the opportunity to work at various jobs within the company while in high school and college.

After graduating Lafayette College as an electrical engineer, she began her career at Westinghouse (later Eaton) as a product engineer. She engineered and marketed medium voltage switch gears and substations to Northeastern US utility companies. Later, she worked at Controlled Systems, Inc. (a manufacturer of motor starters, VFDs, frequency converters for aircraft ground support, and PWM inverters) as Sales Manager. At Controlled Systems, Cathy and Mihai Chis, executed a turnaround of CSI, increasing their backlog from $400K to $32M in less than 2 years.

Cathy obtained her MS from CMU in 1993. She and Mihai started PCTI in 1991 with the mission to provide technically innovative power electronics to the global market in the highest power ranges. Cathy’s expertise lies in operations management. Like any entrepreneur, at PCTI she attends to a variety of responsibilities including financial management, sales and marketing, engineering management, production, quality control and safety.

Our Founders: Brian Conway

Brian Conway

Mr. Conway attended Savannah College of Art & Design and began a career in animation until an accident took that away from him in his early twenties. Switching careers, he started off in database management and sales for Venture Direct on Madison Avenue, and then crossed over to Wall Street as a co-founder of Waypoint Capital Partners. During this time, he has overseen national sales, marketing, business and product development, national account customers, and new business relations with international and US companies while creating awareness for public companies with many of the nation’s top public relations firms.

From October 1, 2014, through August 31, 2019, Mr. Conway was the CEO, CFO and Director of Liberated Energy, Inc. He maintains relationships and experience with investment bankers, non-dilutive financing, and public relations firms as founder and CEO of the Warwick based firm The Waypoint Refinery, Inc. and has recently taken over as CEO of Ozop Surgical, Inc. after executing the merger of Power Conversion Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Conway is a proven fighter as a stage 4 cancer survivor, and a specialist in thinking “outside the box”.