OZOP Energy Solutions Announces Agreement Between PCTI and Indian Technology Company

OZOP Energy’s fully owned subsidiary Power Conversion Technologies Inc., PCTI, and Precision Power Products (PPP) have entered into a Technology Development Agreement. PCTI would like to introduce you to PPP and their group of associated companies and share with you why PCTI is partnering with this synergistic company. With a GDP ranking third in the world [b], India has one billion more people than the U.S. [a]. With almost two decades of experience and an impressive customer list, Precision Power Products is an excellent partner for PCTI. The Technology Development Agreement (TDA) allows PPP to purchase products from PCTI and repackage them into larger components and/or resell them in India under the PPP brand. Based on Precision Power Products’ evaluation, their five-year revenue opportunity projection is placed at $124 million.

shorepower port

What is a Shore Power Frequency Converter?

PCTI has been very busy recently designing custom shorepower frequency converters for various international shorepower projects. What is a shore power frequency converter? A shorepower frequency converter is equipment that allows a ship to be powered b ...


What is Power Conversion?

The world’s requirement for electrical energy, particularly renewable energy, has made the demand for power electronics more essential than ever before. Today’s focus on providing clean energy and cutting back on carbon emissions has led to an increased demand for new types of power electronics used in power conversion equipment.


25 Years of World Power Innovations

On August 28th, 1991, Mihai and Cathy Chis incorporated Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. Since then, PCTI has continued to grow and stay on the forefront of the latest technologies in power electronics. 25 years later, PCTI continues to power military and industrial customers across the globe.


A Brief History of Submarines

While man has traveled over the waves for millennia, it has only been in modern times that we have gotten the chance to explore underneath the surface. While the hobbyist inventors designed the earliest submarines in the 1500s, the subs of the 20th century have been technologically sophisticated machines developed by engineers and built in massive shipyards.


More Power: PCTI’s New Facility

The caption on PCTI’s homepage is “The Power To Be Powerful”. This refers to PCTI’s occupation of the highest power niche of the power electronic products markets for frequency converters, inverters, battery chargers and DC power supplies. As the power ratings for the equipment we manufacture continues to trend upwards, we found that we needed a bigger facility with more amenities and more power. PCTI new facility has four times more power than our previous facility.


Energy Storage Challenges

It seems that every day, emerging technologies and energy solutions are getting more advanced and closer to being more mainstream. Solar and wind power, for instance, used to be more theoretical than practical; now, that is no longer the case.